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How to Place an Order?

To order sportswear (sport uniform) and budget items using the 'shopping cart':

You can order sportswear (or a sport uniform) on this website. First, select the sport you require, the garment(s) you like, and then click on 'Details'. Please select the size, colour, material and quantity and we will respond with a price for your order. If discounts are available they will be deducted automatically from the gross price. Please then click top right of the page (the shopping cart) to place your order. A customer services assistant will contact you to answer any queries and finalise your order. We process all orders manually and will personally respond to your online or email enquiry.

What is the minimum number of crystals to order?

Minimum number crystals to order:
- Exclusive costumes – 2000.
- Premiere costumes – 500.
- Budget costumes – 100.

We use Swarovski crystals, Stellux glass crystals (Austria) and acryllic crystals (China). There is something for everyone!

How long will it take to manufacture my order?

- Exclusive Costumes - 4-5 weeks from receipt of full payment.
- Premiere Costumes - 4-5 weeks from receipt of full payment.
- Budget line Costumes - 3 - 4 weeks from receipt of full payment.
- Sportswear – typically 7 to10 working days but possibly longer following payment, depending on the quantity of costumes you order.

Once your order is paid we will be better able to advise you of the probable manufacturing time. We are unable to hold any production slots for you until the order is paid in full. Production slots fill in quickly particularly in high season times so please contact us as early as possible.

Please note: The manufacturing time will extend during peak seasons! For example, during November - February waiting times can be 2 months.