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What is your return policy?

All sales are final. However, we do recognize that there may be circumstances where you are legitimately dissatisfied with the costume you receive:

  • For example, a costume does not match the design or colour you specified. However, please note that all leotards are individually hand painted and there can be small variations from the illustrations or designs shown at our website, and also computer monitors do not always accurately reproduce the precise colours used. We will not consider complaints about the minor deviations in design.
  • Defects in workmanship or wrong measurements.
In these limited circumstances we will review your complaint and accept the return of your costume for alteration or, if appropriate, we will manufacture a replacement costume to your original specifications and measurements. Costs incurred in returning the garment to us will be covered by us. Please note that in no circumstances will we ship a replacement costume to you until the original costume has been received back by us in perfect, unworn condition. 
Please note that in no circumstances can a ready-made or pre-owned costume be returned to us on the ground that it does not fit as you are responsible for checking the measurements we request from you prior to placing a firm order for such costume with us.
If you make an error in:
  • Taking measurements; the choice of design, colour scheme, etc
  • Non-compliance with laundry or wearing instructions
You will have to pay all costs incurred in shipping and altering the costume.