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Jumpsuit skating 02-51/1


Jumpsuit skating 02-51/1


Article 02-51/1
Brand SK
Country of origin Russia

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Individual measures

  • 0. height
  • 1. nb_Комбинезоны and Tights W/M (chest Girth)
  • 2. nb_Комбинезоны and Tights W/M (waist Girth)
  • 3. nb_Комбинезоны and Tights W/M (hip)
  • 4. nb_Комбинезоны and Tights W/M (Length from the stand to the waist in front)
  • 5. nb_Комбинезоны and Tights W/M (sleeve Length)
  • 6. nb_Jumpsuits and Tights W/M (Length of the leg at the side seam)
  • 7. nb_Jumpsuits and Tights W/M (Circular girth)


Inscription on the back

Cost per word: 2,22 USD

Inscription on the chest

Cost per word: 2,22 USD


Number small on the chest

Cost per digit: 1,78 USD

Number is large on the back

Cost per digit: 2,22 USD

Additional description

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Price per PCs
111 USD