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Customer Feedback

Sanne Krogh (Denmark)


Dear Olga

Also Happy New Year to you.

The girls have got their dresses, and they are very happy.

Thank you for good service.

Best Regards

Hanne Jørgensen (Denmark)


Dear Olga,

Thank you for your mail.

We have received the costumes as you wrote and they fit perfectly.  The girls are very pleased the with them.

Rest Regards,

Erica Evans (USA)


Hi Olga,

That is really fantastic news, thank you so very much!!  

The tracking number shows the package is moving along
en route and has already made it's way into Germany as
of this writing.

Once we receive the leotards, if we have any questions
regarding the washing and care instructions, we will send
you a message to ensure proper handling.  

We are extremely excited to receive their very first acro
leotards!  You have been greatly helpful throughout each
step of this process and we sincerely appreciate all of it.  

We bid you a very happy and wonderful holiday season.  

Best regards,

Psyche Boland (Australia)


Dear Olga,

Hi.  I just wanted to let you know that I have received your beautiful leotard.  It looks very exquisite and exactly the right size as well so I can’t wait for my daughter to open her Christmas present.  Thank you so much for all your help, great communication and easy transaction.  

Kind Regards,
Psyche Boland

Stephanie Lefort (France)



received order ... Everything is perfect ...
my daughter is very happy.

thank you very much

Devona Brazier (USA)


Our leotards arrived today. They look beautiful. Thank you!

Nicole Symons (Australia)


The unitard arrived safe and sound and fits perfectly!

Many thanks.

Kind regards.

Nicky Symons

Nicky Symons (Australia)


Hi Olga,

The unitard arrived safe and sound and fits perfectly!

Many thanks.

Kind regards.

Nicky Symons

Carol Summers (Canada, Club Oakville)


Hello Olga,

The suits arrived today and they fit all three girls perfectly! I have attached two photos so you can see how beautiful they look. Everyone was very happy with the end product, and we can’t wait to see them light up the floor at the competitions.

Thanks again for everything. We greatly appreciate the excellent service and workmanship at Blesk.

Best regards,

Carol, Stefani, and Christiane

Ines Krappinger (Австрия)


Thank you for the perfect fulfillment of our order.
The dress is breathtaking.
Our daughter is overjoyed. :-)

We will definitely order again next season.

May I contact you again?

Best regards,
Ines Krappinger

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