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Customer Feedback

Sesupo Nene (South Africa)


Dear Olga

We received the leotard today, thank you :-)

It is so beautiful , my daughter absolutely loves it!

Thank you so much once again for an excellent service and a gorgeous leotard. Please also thank the design team for us.

Best regards


Poppy Sancto-Jones (New Zealand)


Hi Olga,

The swimsuit arrived a few days ago and it is fabulous!!! Thank you all so much for your work in producing it and for getting it here even earlier than I had hoped. Poppy is now ready to perform at the tournament and will look and feel amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kindest regards,

Forest Rawls (Washington DC, USA)


Hi Olga,

Thank you SO much for all of your work and the work of the builders on the new costumes.  They are beautiful!  


Rania (Qatar)


To Olga, I'm very pleased since I had the good luck and communicated with you regarding my order, you were so supportive and cooperative, without your correct guidance, I'd be lost and I wouldn't place this order,  really thanks for everything.
Special thanks for Moscow store team who was very helpful and accurate in meeting my requests with quality. thank you all the leotards were perfect in sizing and finishing
I recommend this store and definitely I'll buy again.

Amy Kalin (USA)


Dear Olga,
We have received the dresses! Mia wore one of them this morning. Thank you again for assisting us with such care during this challenging year. I am so impressed by styling of the skirt—it came out just as we wanted! And the crystals look so nice, even though we could not spend much on them. Please tell those who did the production how happy and thankful we are with their work. I am sure 2020 has not been easy for anyone, so I want them to know how much their great work is appreciated. :) I especially love the blue dress, which she will wear this afternoon.
Best regards,

Sesupo Nene (South Africa)


We received the leotard and it is gorgeous, and fits perfectly, thank you!

It would have arrived right on time for the season’s first competition this Saturday which has now been postponed due to the pandemic.

Thanks once more and we look forward buying one of your leotards again in the future.

Best regards


Asta Budginas (USA)


Hi Olga,
We received the leotard and it fits her much much better (still big around the waist but we just added elastic and it looks fine). Thank you so much for completing this project to our satisfaction. Please tell big thank you to the Director. We really appreciated her involvement and care. I am attaching a little video and will send you some professional pictures from upcoming Grand Prix or World Cups!

Shannon Leigh Gardiner (South Africa)


I just wanted to inform you that my leotards arrived today and all I can say it WOW !!!! They are stunning , I am truly in love with them !!! They are the best leotards I have ever gotten before, thank you so so so much for working so quickly and being able to help me and make such beautiful masterpieces !!!

Thank you so so so much !

Kind regards

Shannon Leigh Gardiner

Sarah Munden (USA)


Hi Olga,
We received the leotards and they fit perfectly. They are beautiful and the girls love them :)
Thanks so much !

Kimberly Schulze (USA)


We received the leotards and they are beautiful. They also fit very well.
Thank you

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