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To wholesale dealers

Blesk Art Studio welcomes enquiries from wholesalers and offers dealer prices for the following brands and items:

Brands: Blesk, Sasaki, Chacott, Venturelli, Pastorelli, Anniel and Mondor.

Items: leotards, dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, trousers, tops, t-shirts, thermosuits, underwear, tights, leggings, track suits, balls, hoops, ropes, clubs, ribbons, sticks, sleeves, shoes, half-shoes, knee protectors, rubber bands, decoratingt tapes, pumps, keyrings, tags, toys, souvenirs, Mingu balance blocks and weighing agents.

Sports: Rhythmic Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Artistic Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Aerial Acrobatics, Synchornised Swimming and Trampoline.

We use various shippers such as Russian Post, EMS Russian Post, DHL.

Please send enquiries to providing the following information:
Your name, your company name, contact details, the territory where you sell your products, the profile of your business, the items in which you are interested and the quantities.

We also welcome enquiries from sports clubs, unions, teams, groups and will be pleased to discuss your requirements on favourable terms.